The Climate Conscious Podcast

The Better Than Before series - Leveraging COVID-19 recovery for a sustainable Caribbean

March 01, 2023 Derval Barzey Season 5
The Climate Conscious Podcast
The Better Than Before series - Leveraging COVID-19 recovery for a sustainable Caribbean
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The COVID-19 pandemic has presented many challenges to the world, but it has also created many opportunities for change. Within the process of recovery, it is essential that we take steps to create a more sustainable future. The Climate Conscious and Caribbean Natural Resources Institute (CANARI) present a new limited series podcast about how we can leverage COVID 19 recovery measures to build back the Caribbean Better Than Before.

This new series features interviews with experts, discussing how we can use this moment to make a lasting impact that will benefit people, the planet and prosperity. These interviews cover the latest innovative strategies and how they can be implemented in different contexts; from environmental sustainability to economic strategies for growth,  highlighting pathways to sustainable, inclusive and resilient development.

Join us for a new episode each week beginning 08 March 2023.

The Better Than Before series is a Production of The Climate Conscious Podcast in collaboration with CANARI, as part of the project Amplifying local voices for a Just and climate resilient COVID-19 recovery", with support of the Open Society Foundations (OSF).

This series is edited and produced by Breadfruit Media with artwork by Carey Digital.  






Hi, I’m Derval Barzey, host of the Climate Conscious Podcast. 

We’ve partnered with CANARI, the Caribbean Natural Resources Institute for our new series: Better than Before. Exploring how to build a better Caribbean after the COVID-19 pandemic.

One thing the pandemic showed us is how much everything is connected. Better than Before examines how the Caribbean region can leverage COVID-19 recovery efforts for equitable and sustainable growth. 

 Can we really achieve economic growth and protect the environment?

What does it take to Transition to a green economy?

Why is a Gender-sensitive approach to development needed?

How can we tap into the inherent resilience of our people?

 We’re asking the hard questions to find the right solutions. 

But we cannot do it without you! So, join us wherever you listen to podcasts for this 5 part series and hear insights on the dimensions of recovery and making good investments with our future in mind.

Together, we’re redefining our development to be socially inclusive, climate resilient and environmentally sustainable. Re-building the Caribbean Better than Before.