The Climate Conscious Podcast

CW4CJ 2023! An Earth Day celebration.

April 11, 2023 Derval Barzey Season 6 Episode 44
The Climate Conscious Podcast
CW4CJ 2023! An Earth Day celebration.
Show Notes

After a successful inaugural staging in 2022, the Caribbean Women for Climate Justice conference is back! Conference leads, The Climate Conscious Podcast and The Breadfruit Collective join forces with Global Yaadie podcast for a second pod-to-pod episode.  In a healthy dose of Caribbean girl magic, the planning team shares CW4J 2023 conference mission of prioritizing solutions within the climate-gender justice conversation.

The conference will address the intersectionality of gender, human rights and climate change issues, and also centre the lived experience of Caribbean Women, the unique challenges and practical solutions in the face of the climate crisis.

CW4CJ 2023 amplifies the call for the Caribbean community to invest in our women and invest in our planet. The conference line-up includes panel discussions spotlighting Caribbean gender & climate advocacy, gender-responsive leadership and building inclusive and resilient communities. Activities also include dynamic workshops focusing on gender data to drive advocacy, and storytelling to create compelling climate narratives through photography.

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CW4CJ 2023 is being produced with support from Open Society Foundations and Caribbean Natural Resources Institute (CANARI)