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Earth Care & Environmental Justice with Marion Atieno Osieyo

October 04, 2023 Derval Barzey / Marion Atieno Osieyo Season 7 Episode 53
The Climate Conscious Podcast
Earth Care & Environmental Justice with Marion Atieno Osieyo
Show Notes

In this episode, host Derval Barzey sits down with Marion Atieno Osieyo, the brilliant mind behind the Black Earth Podcast. Blac Earth Podcast celebrates the intricate relationship between nature and black women environmental leaders. 

Marion's upbringing in both Kenya and the UK has played a pivotal role in shaping her unique perspective on nature and sustainable development. Marion speaks of a deep sense of belonging to the land. She delves into environmental justice and masterfully connects the dots between the social, political, and economic drivers of inequality and environmental issues. She shares a poignant story of how her personal experience with environmental injustice injustices led her to mistrust the environment.

Marion highlights the beauty and value of diversity, especially within the context of the Black experience and the African diaspora in the UK. Marion passionately advocates for recognizing, amplifying, and honouring the contributions of Black people to the environmental justice movement. Her message is clear: Black communities must be more deeply involved in shaping the future of environmental justice.

Marion addresses the intersectionality of race, gender, and socio-economic status within the realm of environmental justice. She makes a compelling case for recognizing these intersecting identities as a means of developing effective solutions. Marion emphasizes how intersectionality also fosters a creative space for new ideas and innovations when addressing climate resilience and sustainable development.

Marion leaves us with a profound reminder: we are one with nature. Her words resonate deeply, serving as a call to action for all of us to rekindle our connection with the environment and ensure that our pursuit of a sustainable future is grounded in justice and inclusivity. 

Resource mentioned in this episode:
17 Principles of Environmental Justice

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