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The Truth Be Told Campaign Closing Event

February 07, 2024 Derval Barzey Season 7 Episode 66
The Climate Conscious Podcast
The Truth Be Told Campaign Closing Event
Show Notes

This episode features a fireside chat to conclude the impactful advocacy campaign, "Truth Be Told: A Caribbean Call to Action on Climate & Gender Justice"  hosted on 29 January 2024

The Truth Be Told campaign concludes just as it started, with a fireside chat featuring a dynamic group of Caribbean women. The Campaign created a space that amplifies the voices of women, youth and indigenous people and gives visibility to people doing the work to build a sustainable, resilient and just Caribbean. 

Sapphire Alexander - Moderator, Founder of The Caribbean Feminist
Dainalyn Swaby - Founder of Global Yaadie
Rehanna Thomas - Indigenous Youth Advocate 
Jhannel Tomlinson-Evans - Founder of GirlsCARE 

Key discussion points:

  • What is your impression of the outcome of COP 28 as it relates to the Caribbean? Post COP 28, how can we ensure that outputs are implemented in our region to address our unique context?

  • What are some specific policy actions you would like to see implemented to support climate and Gender Justice in the Caribbean?

  • What is the value of the Truth Be Told campaign? Do you think it is an effective way to promote awareness and action on the connection between gender and climate justice? 

  • Why do you stand for Climate & Gender Justice? 

The Truth Be Told campaign is a collaboration of The Climate Conscious Podcast and The Breadfruit Collective, co-chairs of the Gender Working Group under the Caribbean Climate Justice Alliance. It was funded by the Climate Action Small Grant Facility offered by CANARI with funding from Open Society Foundations (OSF).

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