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Zero Waste Tobago with RWL

March 10, 2021 Derval Barzey / Shawn C. Roberts Season 3 Episode 19
The Climate Conscious Podcast
Zero Waste Tobago with RWL
Show Notes

Is waste the new oil? 
Shawn C. Roberts thinks so.  As the Managing Director of Recycling Waste & Logistics (RWL) he is responsible for the first ever multiple-materials recovery Facility in Trinidad and Tobago. 
The Tobago Recycling Resource Initiative is Public Private Partnership (PPP) with RWL and the Tobago House of Assemble. It not only reduces pollution from plastics and other materials  but also provides employment, stimulates community development, and generates foreign exchange. This innovative project is propelling Tobago towards its ambitious goal of becoming a zero waste to landfill island. 
When we rethink waste as a resource, there is no limit to the value that can be derived. 

RWL is a manufacturing company that processes recyclable wastes into marketable commodities for reuse as raw materials. The company was founded by Shawn C. Roberts and Lisa Sandy-Roberts with a combined experience of 25 years waste & supply chain management, trading of recyclable commodities and research & market development

Check out RWL here

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