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Responsible Business with Melanie J. Richards

March 24, 2021 Derval Barzey / Melanie J. Richards Season 3 Episode 20
The Climate Conscious Podcast
Responsible Business with Melanie J. Richards
Show Notes

Acknowledging that organizations cannot thrive in a disintegrating  society, Sustainability Consultant, Melanie J. Richards, explores the interconnection of corporate, societal and environmental governance. There is a clear case for responsible business; for social and environmental considerations to be given equal emphasis as economic and financial indicators. Additionally, the Pandemic has highlighted the  gross inequalities which corporate entities can no longer ignore,  further emphasizing the importance of an integrated relationship between private sector, pubic sector ad civil society. Everyone has a role to play.
Through her consultancy CSR Solutions Ltd. Melanie helps organizations to move away from ad hoc social spend to incorporating sustainability into their operations,  measuring the impact created and engaging with their stakeholders in a meaningful way.

Melanie Richards is the founder of Corporate Social Responsibility (CSR) Solutions Ltd., established in 2007 with a vision of making organizations more responsible in the areas of environment, society and governance (ESG). As an independent consultant she works across all sectors (private, public and civil society) in consulting, research, stakeholder engagement and capacity building.

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