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Gender & Environment with Christine Samwaroo

April 07, 2021 Derval Barzey / Christine Samwaroo Season 3 Episode 21
The Climate Conscious Podcast
Gender & Environment with Christine Samwaroo
Show Notes

On this episode I sit down with environmentalist, activist and fellow Climate Reality Leader, Christine Samwaroo to discuss the intersection of Gender and Environment. In the Caribbean region we are already experiencing the physical and socio-economic effects of climate change: extreme weather events, sea level rise, drought, flooding, and sargassum seaweed invasion. However, the ongoing Climate Crisis places a particularly heavy burden on women and girls.
Women and men experience environmental changes differently. The imbalance of power not only undermines the ability of vulnerable groups to adapt and recover but are also pose a major threat to our collective capacity to build resilience to the Climate Crisis and achieve Sustainable Development. The special circumstances women face when confronted with environmental and other impacts must be mainstreamed into all decision making.

Christine Samwaroo focuses on on climate justice and sustainability in Guyana and the Caribbean. She has a Masters Degree in Environmental Policy and Sustainability Management. Currently, she is a Senior Environmental Officer at the Environmental Protection Agency (EPA). Christine is the Founder of The Breadfruit Collective, an emerging NGO which aims to work at the intersection of gender and environmental justice.

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