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Rum & Sargassum with Dr. Legena Henry

June 30, 2021 Derval Barzey / Dr. Legena Henry Season 3 Episode 26
The Climate Conscious Podcast
Rum & Sargassum with Dr. Legena Henry
Show Notes

What do you get when you mix rum with sargassum?
In the Caribbean you get an innovative climate solution.

Host Derval Barzey and Dr. Legena Henry discuss this Caribbean-based, low-carbon solution addressing the issue of sargassum blooms and the greening of the transportation sector. Dr. Henry is fostering innovation among undergraduate students at University of the West Indies, Cave Hill in the area of Renewable Energy. Their research has led to the development of a biofuel utilising the overgrowth of sargassum and waste water from rum distilleries in Barbados.

Dr. Legena Henry, PhD, is an MIT graduate, and a Mechanical Engineer, who is now the Lecturer for Renewable Energy at the University of the West Indies, Cave Hill, specializing in Renewable Energy and Applied Mechanics. She researches sustainable energy sources in the Caribbean, such as bio-fuel from Sargassum seaweed, Ocean Thermal Energy Conversion, and wave energy. Her most recently published paper, "Wiener Chaos Expansions of Ocean Waves," was started while she was based at the Center for Ocean Engineering at Massachusetts Institute of Technology, where she received her Master of Science in Mechanical Engineering.

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