The Climate Conscious Podcast

E034. Caribbean Brewed Research with Masaō Ashtine

October 20, 2021 Derval Barzey / Masaõ Ashtine Season 3 Episode 34
The Climate Conscious Podcast
E034. Caribbean Brewed Research with Masaō Ashtine
Show Notes

"Too many people tell us what to do."
On the Season 3 Finale, Host Derval Barzey chats with Dr Masao Ashtine about the role of research in shaping the Caribbean's sustainable future: 

  • His vision for Caribbean Sustainability
  • The urgency of homegrown innovation to mitigate our reliance on external drivers
  • Developing the region's human and research capacity and embracing the diaspora. 
  • The work of CESARE, creating impact from research, opening up academia to non-academics
  • And the answer to this loaded question: Are Researchers Born or Made? 

Dr Masaō Ashtine completed his doctorate in 2016 at the University of Cambridge, where he researched climate change implications for the UK's wind energy sector. This followed 6 years at York University in Toronto, Canada, where he gained his Undergraduate and Masters Degrees in Environmental Sciences and Climate Modelling respectively. After his PhD, he worked with the renewables company, 3E, in Brussels as a data scientist intern for the optimisation of wind power models across Europe.

Masaō has recently completed a Lectureship at the University of the West Indies in Jamaica where he was the research lead for the Alternative Energy Group at the Department of Physics. He has now joined the OERC team, working with Professor David Wallom as a postdoctoral researcher for Project LEO. Masaō is the Co-Founder of the Journal of Caribbean Environmental Sciences and Renewable Energy (CESaRE).